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Partners Yasuto and Tomoko Suzuki work together to produce daily life tools with iron and fabric. “I use iron to make knives and cutlery for the outdoor use. Cloth is made for garments, bags and small compositions. We appreciate the Japanese tradition of taking good care of tools and would like people to use these tools for a lifetime. We make knives in the classic method, using fire and hammer. Fabrics are colored with genuine indigo dye or persimmon tannin. To strength it we have added quilt.”
Yasuto Suzuki (Iron)
1959 Born in Tokyo and raised in Iwaki-city, Fukushima
1981 Graduates from The Institute of Men’s Fashion
Apprentices himself to Kensuke Ishizu, known as”The God of the men’s fashion industry” 2000 Returns to Iwaki-city at the age of 40.
His main profession is sharpening cutlery both in Tokyo and Fukushima
Becomes a disciple of the blacksmiths Shyozo Hasegawa. 2009 Launches his own brand ‘omoto’ with his wife Tomoko.
Tomoko Suzuki (Cloth)
1981 Born in Iwaki-city, Fukushima
2001 Graduates from Institute of Fashion Culture in Iwaki 2003 Joins an apparel maker
2009 Finds ‘omoto’ with her husband, Yasuto.
Creates her work in Tokyo and in Fukushima.